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The benefits of advertising with WLJA 101.1 FM

The following facts demonstrate that WLJA 101.1 FM is the best choice to help you accomplish your advertising objectives:

  • WLJA 101.1 FM targets your best prospects and potential prospects in the north Georgia area. Source: ARBITRON, GAB, RAB

  • WLJA 101.1 FM has a large and loyal audience base. Source: ARBITRON, GAB, RAB

  • WLJA 101.1 FM will reach and influence upscale consumers. Source: ARBITRON, GAB, RAB

  • Our large coverage area will allow you to expand your market area. Source: ARBITRON rated, serving 18+ different counties in three states.

  • Your messages will be connected with the best news coverage in the market on WLJA 101.1 FM. Source: WLJA local news, WSB TV, GNN, AP

  • Your message can be connected to the best sports coverage in the market. Source: UGA, Atlanta Braves

  • Our award winning staff has the highest level of sales and marketing expertise in the north Georgia area. Source: ARBITRON, GAB, RAB

  • WLJA 101.1 FM offers a wide variety of promotional opportunities to help you achieve your marketing objectives. Source: WLJA 101.1 FM

  • Listeners rely on us for clear, concise, up-to-the-minute weather coverage, second to none in this area. Source: WLJA weather, trained spotters, WSB TV, The Weather Channel, EMA Directors, EAS

  • You can count on a true marketing partnership, leveraging our listener loyalty and station heritage to help brand your business. Source: WLJA 101.1 FM – Over 150 years of broadcast experience.

  • In cars radio is the only medium that effectively reaches this captive audience on their way to work, running errands, and traveling. Source: RAB 2008

  • Radio is unsurpassed at attracting customers to special events, sales and promotions. While other media may be able to list "places to eat", only radio can "make them hungry." Source: RAB 2008

  • WLJA 101.1 FM is "word of mouth" advertising on steroids! The right combination of voice, word, music and effects can evoke strong emotional images that grab attention and stimulate action better than any other medium. Source: RAB 2008

  • We are flexible at WLJA 101.1 FM. We can adjust quickly to changes in your market place. Changes in your copy and schedule can be made within minutes when necessary. Source: WLJA 101.1 FM

  • WLJA 101.1 FM is a year-round medium. While other media suffer from seasonal slumps, radio listening remains strong and consistent twelve months out of the year. Source: RAB 2008

Home to over 38,000 listeners at any given moment!*

*As rated by ARBITRON 2007 county by county coverage in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina.


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