School Board Approves Land Swap

Two historic buildings in downtown Canton will continue to stand.
That's because the Cherokee County School Board unanimously voted to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Canton to do what's known as a property exchange.
The proposal, which was formally adopted by the Canton City Council on Tuesday, would allow the city to swap 19.78 acres of land along Bluffs Parkway in exchange for the property that's home to Buildings A and B in downtown Canton.
The approval came as a form of a substitute motion, offered by District 1 Board Member Kyla Cromer, which followed board members voting 1-6 to reject motion to proceed with demolishing the structures. The board's decision was met with applause from a packed Historic Canton High School/School Board auditorium, which is located in Building C.
The auditorium was so packed that the facility reached capacity before the meeting started, and residents - many of whom wore green or green T-shirts that read "Save Historic Canton" - were asked to temporarily give up their seats to students who were being recognized by the school board.
Most residents filed outside, where they waited for roughly 45 minutes for the recognition portion of the agenda to come to an end.
According to the agreement put forth by the city, Canton would retain 4.19 acres that would be used as the future site for a fire station. Additionally, the school district would construct a shared access drive that would be used by the city in relation to the fire station, as well as the district for its operations.
Ball Ground resident Stefanie Joyner, executive director of the Cherokee County Historical Society, also thanked the board for taking input from the public and considering options other than outright demolition. 

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